Airbrush Tan

Pre Air Brush Tan

Please complete the necessary form prior to your first visit.

“SHOWER, SHAVE, EXFOLIATE” before your appointment. Don’t put on lotion or deodorant before your appointment.

SHOWER- the longer you wait to shower after your spray tan the darker you will get. Avoid moisture until your ready for your first shower.

SHAVE before you come in so that your skin is nice and smooth. Shaving after your spray can cause your tan to start to fade away unevenly.

EXFOLIATE before you come in with our Infinity Sun Exfoliate, which is a non-abrasive exfoliate that will not damage the skin. Using an abrasive exfoliator will cause your sunless tan to freckle or spot when sprayed on and should not be used for at least 72 hours prior to spray.

Any manicures, pedicures, and waxing should be done before your spray. Doing this after can cause the tan to be rubbed away. Avoid using moisturizers or anything that has alcohol or oils in it before and after spray. For a longer lasting tan following the recommendations above as well as use our Infinity Sun Products that were specially designed to extend your tan and boost your tan.

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Post Air Brush Tan

  • Pat dry after you shower instead of rubbing dry to prolong your sunless tan after your shower.
  • Avoid getting sweat or any moister on your skin for at least 12 hours or until your first shower.
  • Avoid Swimming.
  • Use a water based moisturizer, Infinity Sun extenders preferred.
  • Stay away from harsh face wash such as the kind used for acne for the week you have your tan. Also avoid exfoliators until you are ready to remove your tan for this will pull your tan right off.
  • USE SUNSCREEN!!! Your sunless tan does NOT have UV protection so sunscreen is still a necessity if you’re going to be in the sun.
  • For a longer lasting tan following the recommendations above as well as use our Infinity Sun Products that were specially designed to extend your tan and boost your tan.

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Sunless Tan Guidelines

The following products and procedures may not affect everyone equally. Here is an instructions list of factors to consider when a sunless tan goes awry - causing a light, blotchy or quickly fading result.

  • Do not use anti-acne products that exfoliate or dry the skin – Accutane and salicylic acids may cause issues. Skin also peels, which can look unacceptable, especially with a tan. Antibiotics and other medications that affect your skin may also alter your tan.
  • Do not use anti-aging products.
  • Do not use toners containing Alcohols or Witch Hazel in higher amounts – examine the ingredient list. If either is in the top 3, problems may occur. • Band-Aid or adhesive tape applied to skin will pull off the tan.
  • Do not use bar soaps - especially deodorant or antibacterial varieties.
  • Do not use BHA Products - Beta hydroxy acids, salicylic acids. • Do not use body-hair bleach products.
  • Do not use AHA products - Alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and tartaric acids.
  • Do not use insect spray, perfume, body spray - when applied directly onto skin, these elements can remove or fade the tan. As a substitute, we suggest to either spray clothing directly or disperse a "mist" of spray that you can walk through. • A woman’s tan may develop differently during various hormonal changes; in the course of ovulation, menstruation or pregnancy. It may result as streaky, patchy, fade improperly or produce a lighter - or - no color outcome.
  • Curél Lotion can unfavorably affect a sunless tan. Dove soap, Dove shower gel, Victoria’s Secrets, Bath & Body Works can accelerate a tan to fade faster on some customers.
  • Do not use facial masks and exfoliating scrubs. • Hair-inhibiting lotions (Jergens etc.) tend to make a sunless tan turn yellow.
  • If you exercise and sweat heavily, your tan may fade more rapidly - especially in arm, knee and between breasts body-fold areas.
  • During winter months, skin is often very dry which can make a tan expeditiously fade. We suggest applying Infinity Sun Extender hydrating moisturizer twice daily - directly on damp skin after showering and just before bedtime.
  • Do not use wax or depilatory hair removal products (Nair, Veet, Neet etc.).
  • Do not use pore type adhesive facial strips or “peel-off” masks.
  • People with oily skin tend to develop a lighter tan than people with dry skin. While skin oils can coat the skin, dry skin absorbs products faster and can look darker.
  • Retin-A type products (Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, Tretinoin) will cause faster fading. • Shaving exfoliates your skin and can fade a tan.
  • Do not use a dull razor, as it scrapes off more skin - and consequently - your tan. If shaving is necessary, we suggest using a sharp, clean razor along with a lubricating product. Hair conditioner works nicely and usually won’t interfere with your tan. To finish, wash off the conditioner.
  • Do not use makeup-remover cleaning products or oils used to clean away eye makeup.
  • Hot tubs or swimming pools contain chlorine that can act to bleach skin – thick, waterproof sunscreen lotions like Bullfrog can help protect skin. Long, hot baths can soften the skin and affect the tan on some people.
  • Sweating feet inside footwear or behind knees and arm bends can fade a tan faster, or make the color look greenish or yellowish. Powder those areas with Gold Bond talcum powder.
  • Do not bathe or shower using a loofah, scrub brush, exfoliating gloves or any other abrasive body cleansing item. Simply use your hands to gently wash your skin. Friction is a sunless tan killer.