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Microneedling for Hair Restoration

While microneedling may sound like a rather undesirable thing to have done (micro…needles…yikes), it’s actually a quite simple process. The results, however, can be tremendous. In fact, microneedling for hair restoration is a recent groundbreaking process that can not only help you achieve a thicker head of hair but can actually stimulate the scalp for continued and lasting hair restoration.

The Process.

Bare with us. This part might sound a little… poky. Let’s dive in. The process of microneedling involves creating micro-perforations in the skin. Yes, tiny invisible cuts. These tiny invisible cuts, though, are designed to penetrate the scalp just enough to stimulate the healing process. And it doesn’t hurt. By triggering the cells to heal themselves, the new production of collagen and elastin begins. Then, regrowth starts.

The Follow-Up.

What makes our process at Elegant Image Med Spa unique is that we don’t just poke your scalp with tiny needles and call it a day. An important part of microneedling for hair restoration is providing the scalp with nutrients, serums, and prescriptions that work in tandem with the healing process to support the hair follicles as they begin to grow.

The Results.

In several trials dealing with hair loss in men, significant hair growth was found after only 12 weeks in the group that used microneedling for hair restoration. We don’t operate solely on hopes and promises though. We make ourselves available to you throughout the entire hair regrowth process and can adjust your program accordingly to your individual progress and needs.

For more information on our in-depth microneedling for hair restoration process, check it out here.

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