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July 25, 2018
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Trying New Weight Loss Supplements


When trying to lose weight, the multitude of options at your disposal can be quite overwhelming. With the continued promises of various programs and diets, choosing one to try out can be just as difficult as losing the weight itself. However, there’s a solution. Weight loss supplements offer a no-hassle, no-commitment alternative to weight loss. And it won’t break your bank.


They’re easy.

With weight loss supplements like the B-12 Skinny Shots or the Lipomax Injection, the process is as easy as getting a shot in your hip. These shots instantly go to work in helping burn fat and assisting the digestive system.

They’re effective.

These injections and other weight loss supplements like them work by detoxing the body of harmful toxic substances. In addition, the supplements assist healthy cellular function. Even more, these compounds break down fat deposits and speed up metabolism, thus removing fat from the body.

They’re inexpensive.

Compared to in-depth, extensive weight loss programs (that normally come with a commitment), the price tag of weight loss supplements has quite the appeal. For most shots, each injection is only $25-$30. For such fast-acting, effective method – this is a steal.

At Elegant Image Med Spa, we offer a variety of weight loss supplements, including B-12 Skinny Shots, Lipomax Injections, and much more.

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