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Summer is just about over and Autumn starts September 22nd!

September is Self-Improvement Month, which includes your skin, body, mental state or lifestyle. 

We start the month honoring you on Labor Day (Sept. 4th). Take an extra day of rest or schedule that last summer trip! But remember, don’t let life pass you by. Connect with and learn from your elders on Grandparents Day (Sept. 10th).

Need some motivation? Look to the stars! Discover what’s trendy during 

New York Fashion Week (Sept. 7th – 14th). A few days later, check out what television’s best are doing and wearing at the Emmy Awards (Sept. 17th). Which hairstyle or outfit will have social media buzzing or have you running

out to the store the next day?

Of course, remember to protect your skin from the September sun. Stop in and see us at Elegant Image for the best products.

Check out all the wonderful promotions we have in this month’s e-zine!

We wish you a happy and productive September from all of us here at

Elegant Image Med Spa!


Has the summer’s harsh rays caused uneven skin tones, brown spots or made your skin blotchy? 

Let us help you repair your skin with Laser Treatments, Facials and/or Microneedling Treatments!

Laser Facial: $99 (a $150 value!)

Microneedling: $250 (a $300 value!) 

Combo Laser/Needling: $329 (a $399 value!) 

Reserve an Advanced Anti-Aging Treatment and receive a  Complimentary 

Eye Treatment!  


Call Now! 817-888-7600   


Are you noticing more wrinkles or loose and sagging skin lately?   

Restore the elasticity in your skin and reduce wrinkles with Injectables! If you are considering Injectables, we can help.  

We have experts with many years of experience who are ready to help you take years off your face but still look natural, not frozen. Reserve a consultation and let us help you look younger!

Receive a Complimentary $25 Gift Card with your first Botox or Fillers Treatment!

Price: $12 per unit of Botox

Price: $550 - $800 per syringe of Juvederm or Restylane


Call Now! 817-888-7600


Do you see ripples, dimples and love handles when you look in the mirror? 

Minimize cellulite and stubborn fat with Body Contouring and Fat-Reduction Laser Treatments! 

Reserve a series of Ten (10) Body Contouring Treatments and receive Two (2) Body Contouring Treatments FREE!

Price: $300

Call Now! 817-888-7600


Have a teenager who is suffering from acne? 

Due to high treatment demand, let’s be clear! Help your teen boost their confidence and self-esteem. Schedule a consultation and let us set up an Acne Program to repair your teen’s skin.

Reserve an Acne Treatment during the month of September and receive a complimentary travel-size Epionce Cleanser!


Call Now! 817-888-7600


What is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)?

It’s tied to aging and meant for people over 35. It involves the use of hormones to resolve symptoms related to hormonal imbalance or decline in hormonal production. BHRT also protects against osteoporosis and heart disease.

Specifically, BHRT’s goal is to safely and effectively increase or balance hormones centered around reproduction and youth. Those hormones include estrogen, progesterone and sometimes testosterone. The hormones are natural, making them more easily metabolized and more effective than synthetic hormones.

So, who is a candidate for BHRT and who isn’t?

There are many signs that a woman’s hormones are shifting. Those signs include: menstrual cycles gradually ending, thinning hair, lowered sex drive, weight gain, exhaustion, insomnia, fatigue, dryer skin, body temperature changes, difficulty sleeping and cognitive changes.

The benefits of BHRT are numerous. BHRT improves energy, sleep and sex drive; it decreases hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings.

Consumers will notice increased energy levels, enhanced mental clarity and improved ability to lose weight.

BHRT isn’t just for the ladies. Men seeking to solve loss of muscle mass, reduced libido, depression, fatigue or anxiety also are great candidates.

Finally, BHRT is simple and long-term. Services are based on existing hormone levels and determined by health history, current symptoms and lab tests.

Pellets are placed under the skin and hormones are steadily released into the blood over the next several months. Thus, because there’s slow absorption of the pellet into the bloodstream, continuous therapeutic levels are provided for 3-4 months after a single insertion.

Rest assured, with BHRT, women won’t have to deal with the side effects that testosterone treatments have. Don’t expect acne, hair loss, voice deepening, loss of breast tissue or hair growth.

So, who’s ready for BHRT?


As Fall approaches, we typically visualize bowls of heavy, warm comfort food and sweet treats. But, as we transition to a new season, our bodies really need to be cleansed – a.k.a. detoxed. This tasty, crunchy Arugula salad contains cleansing seasonal vegetables, dried fruit and is mixed with nutrition-packed pumpkin seeds and walnuts to create a satisfying meal loaded with vitamins and minerals. Head on down to your local farmers market today and pick up these fresh ingredients to create this delicious detox salad!


See you soon at Elegant Image!

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